Sunday, December 26, 2010

2011 Winter Antique Show Schedule

After being off for a month. I feel as though I am suffering from cabin fever. But the start of the winter show season is about to begin. Although we may not be at some of the shows listed they are still wonderful quality shows you should check out. If you know of any shows that aren’t listed and would like them added let me know. I’m looking for more quality shows to post information about.

December 30th - January 2ndJoin us at the Stewart Promotions New Years Show in Louisville, KY. Located at the Kentucky Exposition Center in both the West Wing and Pavilion. If you are in the area stop by and say hello. We will be set up in the Pavilion in space UU 16B-18. Admission to the show is free but there is a parking charge of $6.

January 7th - January 9th; February 11th - February 13th ; March 11th - March 13th
Scott’s Antique Market in Atlanta, GA. This show is held at the Atlanta Expo Center. This is a monthly show held the second weekend of every month. The January & February Shows are simply fantastic. Both the North & South buildings will be completely sold out. A shuttle bus is offered for your convince to take you to and from both buildings. This is truly a show that caters to collectors and decorators of all kind. Admission is $5 and good for the weekend. We will at the January Show somewhere in the South Building however the booth space is not known at this time.

January 8th - January 9th & March 5th - March 6th DC Big Flea. Over 1100 Booths! Held at the Dulles Exposition & Convention Center in Chantilly, VA. If you print off the website ad you can save $2 off your admission into the show.

January 14th- January 16th & February 18th - February 20th
Renningers Antiques & Collectors Extravaganza at Mt. Dora, Florida! 3-times per year the Renningers Flea Market host an outstanding outdoor Antique Extravaganza. January will be our first Mt. Dora experience! Our spaces will be 2095 & 2096. Stop by and say hello if you get a chance.

January 21st - January 23rd ; February 25th - February 27th ; March 25th - March 27th Nashville Flea Market formerly known as the Tennessee State Fair Grounds Flea Market will host its monthly flea market. The show will be held at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds. For the antiques lover check out Antiques Alley & the Sports Arena.

January 23rd - January 24th; February 19th - February 20th ; March 26th - March 27th
Scott’s Antique Market in Columbus, OH. This show is held at the Ohio State Fair Grounds in Columbus. This show is only 5 times a year. It is a great show to shop. Great variety for all! Admission is free but parking is $5 per day.

February 5th - February 6th Fredericksburg Big Flea Market. Held at the Fredericksburg Expo & Convention Center in Fredericksburg, VA.

February 5th - February 6th
Morehead Antique Market located at the Morehead Conference Center in Morehead, KY. $2 Admission. This is a nice small show of aprox 50 quality dealers.

February 12th - February 13th & March 9th - March 10th The Olde Stark Antique Show in Canton, Oh. I have not been able to work this show into my schedule the last few years but it is one of our all time favorites. The facility is nice. Buyers are serious and sellers bring a great variety to full-full their wants. This show is held at the Stark County Fairgrounds and admission is $4 per person.

March 19th - March 20th Scott County Kentucky Antique Show held at Scott County High School in Georgetown, KY. In my opinion it is one of the best quality small shows I do. A wonderful selection of fine early American Furniture, Silver, Jewelry, Glassware, etc. It’s well worth the trip!

Pot of Gold Antique Show in Grayson Kentucky This is the start of it all for me doing antique shows. I make a point to do this show above all others. The show will be in its 14th year this year. Although dates and show information have not been posted yet it should be towards the end of March. Information on this show will be posted as soon as I have it.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

'Twas Our Week Before Christmas!

After a month of taking off to have some much needed rest and relaxation. And spend holiday time with family and friends. We also had to much time on our hands to come up with this little poem. But back to work we go December 26th regardless of the depth of the snow.

'Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the Miller House,
The smallest child was stirring, like a small church mouse
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care
In hopes that Saint Nicholas soon would be there.

The girl was wild and bouncing on her bed,
While wishes and wants of zhu-zhu’s danced in her head.
And mama wrapping gifts, and daddy loading the trailer cussing mamma’s name.
JB with the 16 year old attitude, and Tanner ready for the bowl games.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
It was daddy’s turkey making such a splatter.
Off to the window mama flew like a flash,
And saw her turkey all in ash.

While the turkey lay smoldering in the snow,
It was alright because there was a ham ready to go.
Off to the in-laws with our cakes and desserts,
Eating too much we knew it would hurt.

Christmas Eve we played and we ate,
We put the kids in bed before it got late,
Christmas Day we awoke with cheer,
To find a pumpkin had appeared!

With all of these problems it didn‘t matter to us,
Because we knew it was really all about Jesus.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Years!
From all of us to all of you!
Thank you for a wonderful 2010!

*As we prepare for our winter shows watch for the schedule to post at the first of next week*

Friday, December 17, 2010

Sixteen Year of Memories…

Today, December 17th, my oldest son turned 16. Man he grew up fast. It seems like that in the last year or so he has become very attached to his childhood and is constantly reliving it. In his young life he has buried an aunt, one great grandmother, and two grandmothers all of which he was very close to.

When planning to celebrate his birthday I asked him what I could do for a special dinner. His reply was simply, “I want it exactly the way my grandmother would have done it.” My heart sank but I knew my mother was smiling down from above knowing she had really made an impact.

My mother was the queen of the formal dinner. At least once a month she had a formal sit down dinner in her dining room. She changed her china, crystal, and linens around like most people change their underwear. We always dressed up for that one dinner, but it was a wonderful meal. Her philosophy “If I’m going to cook all day on a fine meal the least you could do is dress to suit me.”

My mother collected lots of different china patterns. She had 32 sets to be exact. I used one of these sets “Old Country Roses” by Royal Albert, for his dinner. I also used my grandmother’s crystal, “Rosepoint” by Cambridge, and my godmother’s flatware “Francis I” by Reed & Barton.

The meal was planned based on one of JB's favorites that my mother use to prepare for him. The dessert was a cookie his paternal grandmother always made, an almond spritz cookie as a green Christmas Tree.

His presents were my biggest challenge to wrap. He wanted simple presents; $100 in $2-bills, a roll of fifty cent pieces, and a roll of gold dollars. So to make it interesting I have a turn of the 19th Century Seed Cabinet with 103 drawers. I placed his presents inside different drawers and he had to open everyone to find all of the gifts. He seemed to have fun with it.

Our guest list was also simple, Donnie, Tanner, Courtney, JB’s girlfriend, our good friend Nancy, and myself. JB provided vintage Christmas music played on his record player. The Christmas tree made the perfect back drop.

The dinner was a success and he was happy. He reminisced of times gone by. Its great knowing the memories of his long gone family live on through him in everything he does. As he grows I see it more and more everyday.

Happy Birthday JB! I love you!

Finally, I would like to take a moment to thank the Guide to Art School for listing us on their top 50 Antique Blogs. I also want to thank all you, my readers, for taking the time to help make this blog such a success. Thank you all so much!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Tradition of our Village...

In 1978 while shopping for Christmas decorations at Hills Department Store in our home town, my mother purchased 5 Christmas village pieces. A green church, a pink victorian house, a general store, a chapel, and a ginger bread house. She brought the pieces home and set them up on her grandmothers buffet and placed cotton all around them for a snowy effect.

That began my fascination with the little houses wondering what it was like to live in that pink house, shop at the general store, and go to church in that steepled church. As I grew older my mother noticed my great love for the village and decided to add to it. We discovered that the Department 56 Original Snow Village was a perfect size to mix with the five houses we already had. So we added 1 to 2 pieces a year. Usually it was one house and one accessory each year. The village quickly grew to cover an antique game table. But my mother always made sure I had plenty of room for displaying it. Each year we tried very hard to set up the little town differently.

When I moved into my first house my mother decided it was time for me to take the tradition of my village with me and share my love for it with my own children.

After my husband and I married, the village grew rapidly. This year we have over 300houses and accessories. My dad still buys me one house every Christmas. Throughout the year, Donnie and I manage to buy various pieces we find during our travels at shows, yard sales and consignment shops.

Last year my mother-in-law told us of a Department 56 dealer who was going out of business. As a result we were able to add 20 to 30 pieces.

Finally, a few years ago I bought a book on the Department 56 Villages and to my surprise I discovered those five houses that started this mad tradition were from the first line produced for the Original Snow Village. It only made my village that much sweeter.

My husband and I usually set the village up over a 4 day span. He unboxes, I set it up and light it. When my daughter was born I stopped using the artifical snow so she wouldn't eat it. My children absolutely light up and sparkle like I did at age. Courtney turns it on each evening, always pointing and asking questions. JB makes sure it is setup politically correct as it can be, and Tanner just stands in awe.

I can tell you the story behind most every piece. Its amazing how a tradition can come from a collection, and the memories that a collection makes. In this house all will tell you that the "Village" is the most important part of "Our Christmas Tradition". What is are your family's traditions?

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Family...

Today is the day after Thanksgiving and we are leaving for our first road trip and show with ALL of the kids since purchasing Gypzie Roadz. This will be an adventure I’m sure. Five people in Gypzie a 23 ½ foot RV, one bathroom, two of them being children that still play with toys. But I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce you to my wonderful little family.

My oldest is Jason “JB“. He is 15 going on 25. He has really developed into a strong worker. He is very organized, efficient, and really great with customers. He has dubbed himself as my “general manager”. He’s even been buying and selling some. We are so much alike its not funny. We laugh and have seem to have the best time together. We have a relationship like my mom and I did. Nothing like laughing till you cry while working this crazy business.

Next there is Tanner. He is 12. He is our “kid wrangler”. He is more a behind the scenes member of this family. I can say he really doesn’t care for this business at all, but he is crazy about his little sister. They play so well together. He does eat, sleep, and live sports. All weekend I will be hearing football on TV, picking up helmets, and watching my girly girl play football with him.

Of course you’ve heard of Courtney. She just turned 3 and is my “antique dealer in training”. She will spend the entire weekend pulling on those strings of the three men she has so tightly wrapped around her finger. The stub of a toe and to watch them break their neck to kiss it. She really can work them.

My wonderful husband of seven years. He is the driver, the mechanic, main organizer, porter, and even becoming an antique dealer. Without him to setup estates, drive me to leads, to shows, unload me, help me setup, cook dinner, play Mr. Mom, take care of the RV, and on and on. We couldn’t even begin to get this show on the road.

Me…I’m quiet, laid back, patient for certain things. Organized in my own manic way. Crazy for loving this business like I do. I love the friends I have made, the life that I live. Its hard for people who don’t do this full time to understand, but this is not a business but a life style. I never know what any day holds, I am very planned but still very spur of the moment. I love to be on the road in Gypzie. It has made our lives easier in ways and the memories have been wonderful so far.

If you are out shopping this weekend in the Columbus Ohio area. The entire gang will be at the Scott’s Antique Market in the Multi-Purpose building in spaces 2462-2463. The show is held at the Columbus State Exposition Center.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Show Favorite...

Sometimes I wonder what to think. Here we are at a huge antique show with high quality antiques. I'm trying to teach my husband and daugther an appreciation for art and the "finer things". This is what they come up with!!!

I don't have to worry about Courtney ever having a fear of anything. This is Donnie's and Courtney's favorite find here at Metrolina. This is an iguana with a snake wrapped around it.


Metrolina has been a great show and we plan on attending it again in April. Hopefully the weather will cooperate better. Now to head home, get 2 estate sales ready and conducted before the next show in three weeks. And somewhere in there we will have our annual Holiday Open House at Reggie's Attic. Alot to do in a short period of time but thankfully I have a wonderful family and friends to make it all happen smoothly.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


This is our first experience at the Metrolina International Collectibles & Antique Show in Charlotte, NC. We never do outdoor shows but because we decided to do it last minute we agreed to two spaces inside a tent. There has been a good flow of traffic for the first two days to the public. The rain as been quite trying but will say the buyers here are troopers. The grassy floor beneath my feet has turned to mud but I'm still out here. I'm in tent 12 and the first booth you see as you walk in. The rest of the weekend is suppose to be pretty but cold for this time of the year but I'm looking forward to the weekend part of the show.
Stop by and say "hi" if you are in the area.

Courtney and Donnie spent yesterday out an about taking pictures of their favorite things. They've spent today inside Gypzie Roadz playing, cooking, and staying warm.

This animated department store santa and his trusty animated elf is most impressive. Courtney spotted it first when we got here and you can't go near the area its located in without her going nuts. The magic of Christmas is definately with her.

Donnie spotted this awesome aluminum boat. It even has a little motor on the back.

My husband knows me well and my love for advertising. So he found some wonderful advertising.

But I think this is the neatest thing I've seen in a long time. This is a coffee table that someone had added an antique photo of bathing beauties. Really an outstanding find.

This is just the tip of the ice berg. I hope to share lots more of this show with you.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween...

Since the birth of our daughter, my husband and I have celebrated Halloween in a BIG way. This year we decorated the outside of our house with 140 light up plastic molded jack-o-lanterns. We have made a huge bash out of trick-or-treat night with several of our friends. This year we did a Sweeney Todd theme and it really turned out great. The amount of trick-or-treaters was unbelievable. We know we had over 300 kids. The fun of our buying our Halloween decorations is shared year round when we go to shows, shop flea markets, yard sales, estate sales, etc. To make our theme more realistic we purchased a 1900's dental chair at the Springfield Extravaganza in May. When we were there again in September we purchased a mannequin to place in it as our victim. She was only a $15 purchase and we got that out of her in laughs.

Its amazing what you can find at shows or even your local flea market. You don't have to tie up lots of money in your purchases. We have a tight budget for our decorations. We won't pay more than $5 for one of our standard pumpkins. We limit how much we spend on the collection each weekend. My husband already had a barber chair in our game room and has wanted to add a dental chair for some time. So that killed 2 birds with one stone. The chair was under $100.

Alot of the fun is in doing it as a family. My husband and daughter love being out among the crowds, hitting the pavement and looking hard. I enjoy what time I get to go out and look with them. We are able to look year round for both Halloween and Christmas so it never ends. We are constantly upgrading and trying to out do the previous year. And if we get tired of it we can always sell it. The main thing for us is "can I get out at least what I put in it". If the answer is "no" then we don't buy it.

I hope you and your family share and have a wonderful Halloween. I know we did even if we jumped in Gypzie-Roadz and headed to Charlotte immediately after our Halloween Bash.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


After the past few hectic weeks of shows and estate sales we are in Charlotte, North Carolina to do both the Designer Showcase & Antique Show at Cabarrus Arena in Concord, NC and the International Collectibles & Antiques Show at Metrolina in Charlotte, NC. This is the big fall classic. Both are quality wonderful shows that you should visit.

I hope to give you lots of our adventure this week. Having only Monday off it should be very interesting!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Marilyn Monroe Head Vase

Have you ever been stopped dead in your tracks over an item? Recently that happened to me. I mean there she was, the Marilyn Monroe head vase by Relpo #2089 and measures 6 ¾” tall. I had never seen her in person but I knew I had seen her while flipping through my books. There is the key ALWAYS study your reference library. Know what is in your books, update them often, and don’t let them just collect dust.

I learned there is very little information on the internet or even in books about this special head vase. So I thought I would at least share some great up close photos of my fabulous find.

She has been added to my inventory and will be available for sale on eBay in the next few weeks. I am reassured of the fact that rare items are absolutely EVERYWHERE! If I can find them in my small part of the world then you can find them in yours. What item recently stopped you dead in your tracks?

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Florence Originals...

Last week I mentioned that Florence Originals were a great sale for me at the Nashville Flea Market. And that seemed to spark some questions as to what is a Florence Original?

Florence Originals or Florence Ceramics are figurines that were made in Pasadena, California. They were manufactured during the 1940’s and 1950’s. On the bottoms of most of them you will find their names incised into them. Each girl came in multiple colors.

My favorite reference for these figurines is The Complete Book of Florence Ceramics by Barbara S. Kline, Margaret C. Wehrspaun, and Jerry Kline.

They are beautiful and extremely delicate works of art. The details are superb. I love their sweet faces, like little rays of happiness.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Total Shopping Exhaustion...

I believe Donnie & Courtney shopped every inch of Nashville this weekend. Looking for treasures and decorations for our favorite holiday, HALLOWEEN! Here are some of the "Courtney Cam" photos. I hope you enjoy. And hopefully we will be able to be here next month for the BIG extravaganza.

"Antique Alley"

Look at all the pumpkins they found. Donnie was so disappointed in what he didn't find last week. But this week made up for it.

Its a first for me to see an open truck with an 8ft cast aluminum alligator staring back at me. I think I will call this the show picture of the week. *note how they have placed a doll baby's arm in its mouth*.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Some of the best Antique Markets can be found in Nashville, Tennessee. Tailgate and Antiques at Music Valley are some of the most noted antique shows to shop or setup. There also is a great antiques section at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds Flea Market. This is a monthly event usually the third or fourth weekend and it has something for everyone.

In the 1980’s and 1990’s this show was the place for anyone interested in antiques. For me it has always been a successful trip. This is our first time here in almost 2 years, because of our schedule conflicts or they were sold out.

In this market I sell more to a younger crowd which I am very excited about. A few things that have sold well for me include lucite furniture & accessories, Florence ceramics, pattern glass, jewelry, and fiesta. Buying trends tend to change so I didn’t come with just that kind of merchandise.

Selling isn’t all I do here. I have bought well over the years, things for my personal collections as well as great merchandise. Also, I have made great friends. The southern hospitality is overflowing at this show. So next time you are in Nashville stop by the Tennessee State Fairgrounds flea market and load up your car.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Oh, what we've found...

The second & third day at the Springfield Antique Show Extravaganza was full of fabulous finds. We’ve purchased jewelry, a darling sterling mesh purse, linens, photos, trombone, light fixture, prints, lots of odds & ends, and the conversation of the day yesterday a sitting mannequin for my front porch for our Sweeney Todd Themed Halloween. From what I have heard Donnie made quite the spectacle hauling her back on top of Courtney’s Stroller yesterday while Courtney talked to her.