Friday, November 26, 2010

The Family...

Today is the day after Thanksgiving and we are leaving for our first road trip and show with ALL of the kids since purchasing Gypzie Roadz. This will be an adventure I’m sure. Five people in Gypzie a 23 ½ foot RV, one bathroom, two of them being children that still play with toys. But I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce you to my wonderful little family.

My oldest is Jason “JB“. He is 15 going on 25. He has really developed into a strong worker. He is very organized, efficient, and really great with customers. He has dubbed himself as my “general manager”. He’s even been buying and selling some. We are so much alike its not funny. We laugh and have seem to have the best time together. We have a relationship like my mom and I did. Nothing like laughing till you cry while working this crazy business.

Next there is Tanner. He is 12. He is our “kid wrangler”. He is more a behind the scenes member of this family. I can say he really doesn’t care for this business at all, but he is crazy about his little sister. They play so well together. He does eat, sleep, and live sports. All weekend I will be hearing football on TV, picking up helmets, and watching my girly girl play football with him.

Of course you’ve heard of Courtney. She just turned 3 and is my “antique dealer in training”. She will spend the entire weekend pulling on those strings of the three men she has so tightly wrapped around her finger. The stub of a toe and to watch them break their neck to kiss it. She really can work them.

My wonderful husband of seven years. He is the driver, the mechanic, main organizer, porter, and even becoming an antique dealer. Without him to setup estates, drive me to leads, to shows, unload me, help me setup, cook dinner, play Mr. Mom, take care of the RV, and on and on. We couldn’t even begin to get this show on the road.

Me…I’m quiet, laid back, patient for certain things. Organized in my own manic way. Crazy for loving this business like I do. I love the friends I have made, the life that I live. Its hard for people who don’t do this full time to understand, but this is not a business but a life style. I never know what any day holds, I am very planned but still very spur of the moment. I love to be on the road in Gypzie. It has made our lives easier in ways and the memories have been wonderful so far.

If you are out shopping this weekend in the Columbus Ohio area. The entire gang will be at the Scott’s Antique Market in the Multi-Purpose building in spaces 2462-2463. The show is held at the Columbus State Exposition Center.

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