Friday, April 22, 2011

Everything old is new again...

You can say that I practice what I preach. I live with practically everything vintage or slightly used. The only thing I’ve ever bought brand new that I can think of is my spare fridge and it was on sale or I would have waited for one to come up in an estate sale somewhere.

Last weekend was finally time to put Courtney’s round baby bed away. I don’t like toddler beds, I feel they are a waste of money because they only last for such a short time. I had spent a lot of time looking for the perfect little girl’s bed. Last summer while traveling in South Carolina we found it. We walked into a large antique mall and there in a booth that was going out of business was a canopy bed. It had been marked down to $150. For an early 1900’s Walnut twin bed we felt we were getting a steal. And when the crochet laced top went with it, that made the deal even sweeter.

The new bed was setup in her bedroom last weekend. I was at a show so Donnie and JB rearranged everything. They managed to find a lace bed skirt I had in the linen closet. I had been buying up sweet butterfly and floral sheet sets at yard sales over the summer. The only thing I didn’t have was a bedspread, and Donnie found one that was perfect. A beautiful pink and white quilt my great-grandmother had made, My mother would be tickled to know we were using that.

The twin mattress and box spring for her bed was a set I had in storage where it had been on the boys twin beds they use to have. Everything else in her bedroom isn’t baby like. She has my other great-grandmother’s armoire, a chest that was purchased for JB when he was born, and the decorations that had belonged to my sister.

My friend Nancy calls this repurposing, but this has always been my way of life. You can shine up anything slightly used and make it work for you. Money is tight for most people right now, but they still get tired of the same old thing and want something new and different. You don’t have to look much beyond your own attic or basement. You can also shop that local consignment store, estate sale, etc for a new-to-you piece of furniture or room accessory that can spruce up your entire d├ęcor.

I managed for $150 to take my daughter’s room from a nursery to a sweet little girl’s bedroom.

What have you repurposed lately?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My eBay Store...

Yes, I did it!  I finally opened an eBay store.  Not something I'm sure I really wanted to do, but with the change in how eBay is going to calculate shipping charges with the final price fees I think it is the most economical thing for me.  Years ago eBay had antique stores on their site and I had one.  When they did away with those I never really wanted to be in a store front again.  Never say never.   

So I'm learning and I'm not very technical.  I just know how to log on and list auctions (primarily).  I wish it could be so simple when trying to setup this store thing! 

If you have an eBay store I would love your advice. Any advice for design etc is most appreciated!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What was your find this week?

I started a page on my blog for my readers to post their weekly favorite finds.

Please check it and add to it often.  You can e-mail photos, descriptions of your items to include a contact e-mail if you plan on selling your item (no phone numbers please).  You can post your finds through the comment section but can't post photos.  If you don't want to post photos that is fine as well.

I hope to make this a fun page where we all can share because there is nothing yard sale goers love most than to share what they have, saw, bought, and sold!