Wednesday, August 25, 2010

And the answer is...

I want to thank everyone for their responses I received in the comments section as well as what I received via e-mail and one on one. So the answers are...

#1 is a Salt Cellar. I sell tons of these and I seemed to be asked most often what are they. They come in many size, shapes, materials, colors, etc. There is a fabulous reference book out called "5000 Salt Cellars".

#2. is an ivory Medication powder holder. This piece the lid and or base unscrew to place your powder medication in.

#3. This is a Bronze Death Certificate and other important document holder that you want to be buried with. This was made by the Belmont Company. I don't believe they really use these anymore because most coffins have storage areas designed to hold your papers now. But this would have been placed in the coffin with you.

#4. This is a chest for Machinest Tools. Yes this is solid oak and EXTREMELY heavy when full of tools.

#5. Is an Etrog holder. This one was custom made and the round egg like piece is designed to look like an Etrog. An etrog refers to the yellow citron or Citrus medica used by Jews on the week-long holiday of Sukkot. This is celebrated during passover. The skin of the etrog was even rolled across the silver during the making of this piece so the skin would appear to look realistic. There are all types of etrog holders. But this is a one of a kind custom made and was well worth sharing with all to see. It will be on display at show in Louisville and I'm sure will spark plenty of converstation.

Talk to you next week as we prepare to start our fall show season in Louisville, KY.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What's This???

My daughter will be 3 in November and right now is in the most curious stage of her life. It feels like a million times a day I hear “What’s this?” So I thought this week I would have a little fun with my readers and see if they can identify a few items. Even if you don’t know, just take a guess. I’m curious what kind of creative minds I have attracted.
(I will give a few clues)

1. This first item I sell at almost all of the antique shows. But it seems to strike the most conversation between me and customers. I am probably asked at least 10 times during a show weekend. “What is that?”

2.This very small item is made of Ivory and is quite old. *Note the top and bottom unscrew.*

3. This is made of brass and is the one thing you will take with you when you go.

4. This is small chest of many drawers.

5.This item can be constructed of various materials. This particular one is sterling silver and comes in three pieces. This measures 10” l x 5 ½” h x 7”w.

Now its your turn to answer. “What’s this?” (I’ll post the answers in a few days.)

Where are the 50 hour days? VENTING TIME!!!

The last few weeks have almost been unbearable and unbelievable and there is no end in sight. This week will be the third of five estate sales in a row. Between estate family members suing each other, one of my main workers being sick and not being able to work, the daily triple digit heat indexes while digging out attics and garages, one of my A/C units going out at home, my toddler wants to potty train….and did I mention in the middle of these escapades that my warehouse was broken into and I lost $8K to $10K worth of merchandise, equipment, and scrap metal.

While being thrown into the middle of other families problems and drama I keep telling myself, “I love my job?”

Oh and what about my shows I have to pack, repack, repair two flat tired trailers, price, clean glassware, fix furniture, iron & launder linens/vintage clothing, pack my own personal bags. And did I mention “I love my job?”

Then I have the mall and little issues there such as buying stolen merchandise, shop lifters, A/C is not cool enough, vendors fussing at each other and my checking account being compromised due to internet fraud.

At home I still can’t get comfy in my own bed because I haven’t had time to have my A/C fixed upstairs. My son was admitted to the hospital with salmonella poisoning on his return trip from Texas. Band camp started for my other son which means several additional trips each day. I’ve been short my main man at work due to the fact he had to stay with my son at the hospital. “Because this is my business” as he keeps reminding me. But I laugh and remind him it takes two to tango. But remember, “I love my job.”

As of today, Tuesday, we are back on schedule. This weeks’ sale is ready and we start the cleaning and setup of next weeks’ sale tomorrow. I keep telling myself that tomorrow will be a better day as he tells me the dishwasher just went south.

But I do love my job. My husband and I laugh together as I submit this weeks’ blog. Because, you have to laugh to keep from crying. We have faith that we will make it, enjoy our time together and still get the job done. Did I mention….”I LOVE MY JOB!”

Check out next weeks blog, “What’s That?” inspired by my two year old.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Our Fall 2010 Show Schedule

Fall is quickly approaching us and I can’t wait. I always consider Labor Day to be opening season for our fall shows. Here are the shows where we will be set up during the fall show season as well as other well noted shows we won’t be able to attend this year. So if you want a great weekend get away, why not visit some of these fabulous shows. As the shows happen each week we will post pictures and stories from each location. To at least bring you some of what we find and our good time together.

Sept. 3rd thru Sept. 6th
The Kentucky Flea Market located at Freedom Hall in Louisville, KY. This is well worth traveling. The antiques section of the flea market is only open twice a year during Labor Day & New Years. Its an unbelievable crowd of vendors and buyers.

Sept. 10th thru Sept. 12th
Oct. 8th thru Oct. 10
Nov. 12th thru Nov. 14th
Dec. 10th thru Dec.12th
(Held the 2nd weekend of every month)
If you are in the Atlanta area this is a must stop for decorators, dealers of all kinds, designers, or anyone who loves a little bit of everything. Wonderful things are brought in each month from all over the world. It is truly phenomenal.

Sept 17th thru Sept 19th
Springfield Extravaganza located at the Clark County Fair Grounds in Springfield, OH. If you want to feel the fall atmosphere this is where you will be embraced by it. This is one show my husband and I can’t wait for each year. Its an indescribable feeling. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this show. Its one you won’t want to miss.

Sept 24th thru Sept 26th
The Pilot Club of Huntington, WV presents a high end quality show located at the Big Sandy Arena. For information about this show contact 304-638-8040 or 304-840-2802.

Oct 8th thru Oct 12th
Heritage Promotions will present its 47th Shenandoah Antiques Expo located in Fishersville, VA. This high quality show is unlike any other we do. A wonderful place to find antiques from all over the world.

Oct. 9th thru Oct. 10th
The Olde Stark Antique Faire is an all time favorite of ours and full of advertising collectibles. Located in Canton, Oh.

Oct 15th thru Oct 17th
We will be found in our hometown of Ashland, KY. The El Hasa Shrine Antique Show is held by the Boyd County KY Shrine.

Oct. 29th thru Oct. 31st
The Cabarrus and Designer Showcase Show is a wonderful show just outside of Charlotte, NC. Although this show seems somewhat off the beaten path, it is well worth the travel time. The facilities and food are wonderful. This is worth coming and spending the day looking at all of the wonderful variety of quality dealers.

Nov. 3rd thru Nov. 7th
This is another great antique show in the Charlotte area is the International Collectibles & Antique Show promoted by the Metrolina Tradeshow Expo. They are a monthly show but I am giving the date for their fall Extravaganza Show.

Nov 6th thru Nov 7th
This will be our first time to setup at the magnificent DC Flea promoted by D’Amour Promotions. Our understand is that we will have A LOT to share from this show. Perhaps you need to check it out too.

Moeller High School Annual Antique Show Dates are still to be announced. This is a semi annual Antique show we occasional do. Located at Moeller High School in Cincinnati, OH. This is a day trip well worth taking. This show usually takes place between October and November.

Nov. 27th thru Nov. 28th
Dec. 18th thru Dec. 19th
The Scotts Antique Market is where you want to spend your Thanksgiving weekend shopping. This is a remarkable show that collectors do not want to miss. So eat your turkey dinner and come spend your holiday with us. Then in December come and find those special last minute Christmas gifts.

Dec. 30th thru Jan. 2nd
The Kentucky Flea Market located at Freedom Hall in Louisville, KY. What a way to bring in the New Year. This is what I consider the end of my fall shows and what a blow out it is. This is the show of all shows for me all year.

For more shows not mentioned here check out Antique Week.