Thursday, September 23, 2010


Some of the best Antique Markets can be found in Nashville, Tennessee. Tailgate and Antiques at Music Valley are some of the most noted antique shows to shop or setup. There also is a great antiques section at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds Flea Market. This is a monthly event usually the third or fourth weekend and it has something for everyone.

In the 1980’s and 1990’s this show was the place for anyone interested in antiques. For me it has always been a successful trip. This is our first time here in almost 2 years, because of our schedule conflicts or they were sold out.

In this market I sell more to a younger crowd which I am very excited about. A few things that have sold well for me include lucite furniture & accessories, Florence ceramics, pattern glass, jewelry, and fiesta. Buying trends tend to change so I didn’t come with just that kind of merchandise.

Selling isn’t all I do here. I have bought well over the years, things for my personal collections as well as great merchandise. Also, I have made great friends. The southern hospitality is overflowing at this show. So next time you are in Nashville stop by the Tennessee State Fairgrounds flea market and load up your car.

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