Estate Liquidation Information

First, thank you for taking time to look at our company to possibly provide liquidation services for you. This is a basic overview of the service we provide. Over the last decade Reggie's Attic has liquidated hundreds of estates throughout the southeastern US. Each estate is different therefore each one requires various types of setup and handling. Because this time can be hard on the family, each sale is handled with complete respect to the family.

In general, we ask that you only remove all opened and refrigerated food, personal papers and pictures, undergarments and other items that are not to be sold.

Reggie's Attic will meet with the family or executor for a walk thru of the property. A determination will be made how long it will take to prepare the sale, how long the sale should last, set dates/times and discuss other situations and questions.

After obtaining a key we ask that no items are removed from the estate unless otherwise discussed. From there we begin to wash, clean, setup, research and price each item. Prices are based on research and our experience from other sales as well as our knowledge from also being a certified appraisal company. Basements, attics, crawl spaces and out building are searched as well. In general this may take 3 to 10 days to complete. Garbage pickup and removal will be discussed at the original meeting. Reggie's Attic will not pay for garbage dumpsters but can give you a list of local companies.

Once the sale has been setup, the executor/family can preview the sale and ask question etc.

Prior to the sale we will place an ad in the local newspapers, online, at estate sale sites plus call approximately 200 customers on our call list.

During the sale we have a staff to cover almost any size of sale. Our staff is well trained in customer service and theft detection however we have had very few problems with theft.

All checks are made payable to Reggie's Attic so that you nor the family are not responsible for any bad checks. Another thing that separates us from other liquidators is that we accept all major credit cards for payment on-site.

In general, most sales last three days. Typically Thursday and Friday from 9 am until 4 pm. Saturday is usually the last day from 9 am and closing at 2 pm. Prices during the first two days are firm. If customers wants a reduced price they must leave a bid for the item. Bids are opened at the end of the second day provided the item(s) have not sold at full prices. The executor will be contacted and all bids will be discussed. Winning bids will be notified and items are then picked up on the last day of the sale. At this point of the sale, most remaining items are of lesser value. As a result we highly suggest that all items be reduced to half price on the last day. However this will be your decision.

After the public sale is complete any remaining items are donated to various charities. A receipt will be given to the estate for tax deduction purposes if desired. Higher end items can be consigned through our store or other consignment stores. The house is then "swept clean". However all remaining items can be left for the family. This is generally discussed and decided during the original meeting.

Lastly, within 7 days of the completion of the sale, keys will be returned along with a recap statement of the sale, charity donation receipt and a check less our commission, unless otherwise agree upon.

Our commission varies between 25 - 50 percent of the total sale depending on the various needs, requests, size and location. Our commission covers all advertising costs and staff required to conduct the sale.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Whitney Miller

Reggie's Attic Estate & Management Company
3001 Greenup Ave
Ashland, Ky. 41101