Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween...

Since the birth of our daughter, my husband and I have celebrated Halloween in a BIG way. This year we decorated the outside of our house with 140 light up plastic molded jack-o-lanterns. We have made a huge bash out of trick-or-treat night with several of our friends. This year we did a Sweeney Todd theme and it really turned out great. The amount of trick-or-treaters was unbelievable. We know we had over 300 kids. The fun of our buying our Halloween decorations is shared year round when we go to shows, shop flea markets, yard sales, estate sales, etc. To make our theme more realistic we purchased a 1900's dental chair at the Springfield Extravaganza in May. When we were there again in September we purchased a mannequin to place in it as our victim. She was only a $15 purchase and we got that out of her in laughs.

Its amazing what you can find at shows or even your local flea market. You don't have to tie up lots of money in your purchases. We have a tight budget for our decorations. We won't pay more than $5 for one of our standard pumpkins. We limit how much we spend on the collection each weekend. My husband already had a barber chair in our game room and has wanted to add a dental chair for some time. So that killed 2 birds with one stone. The chair was under $100.

Alot of the fun is in doing it as a family. My husband and daughter love being out among the crowds, hitting the pavement and looking hard. I enjoy what time I get to go out and look with them. We are able to look year round for both Halloween and Christmas so it never ends. We are constantly upgrading and trying to out do the previous year. And if we get tired of it we can always sell it. The main thing for us is "can I get out at least what I put in it". If the answer is "no" then we don't buy it.

I hope you and your family share and have a wonderful Halloween. I know we did even if we jumped in Gypzie-Roadz and headed to Charlotte immediately after our Halloween Bash.

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