Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Local Antique Show...

Do you have a local antique show in your area that takes place once or twice a year? Most of the time these smaller shows are fundraisers for schools or not for profit organizations. They are usually held in schools or community centers. Because they are not promoted by large companies they are sometimes the best kept secret in finding quality antiques at affordable prices. They have minimal admission prices, usually $2 to $4. They have a variety of antiques from primitives to fine silver, the prices also vary. In the smaller shows you have dealers that they may only do that one show a year. Or hobbiest who are trying to make room in their collection by selling duplicates. These type of dealers usually have small expectations and are more willing to work with you on pricing. You will also have a local antique dealers.

You should make a point to shop your local antique show. They are small shows, aprox 35 to 50 dealers, which gives you more time to spend searching through each individual booth. In these types of shows have a better chance of finding sleepers or hard to find collectibles. Over the years I have found many wonderful bargains on items for resale, as well as some pieces for my own personal collection because the price was right.

Most of these shows sell some type of concessions some concessions are great but they are very affordable for both the vendors and shoppers.

This weekend we will be found at the Scott County High School Show in Georgetown, KY. Next weekend we will be at the Pot of Gold Antique Show in Grayson KY that show is held at the East Carter Middle School. Next month we will also be doing the El Hasa Shiners Show in Ashland, KY. These shows have a variety of quality dealers and most of these show showcase different dealers. These are usually not flea market or craft type vendors although you may have one or two scattered through out. These are genuine antique shows NOT flea market so go with that in mind,
We only do the smaller antique shows a few times a year but we want to help support our community and local economy. So come out, enjoy the digging and help do the same. You never know what you may find.

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