Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Scenic View

As we started our 2nd week of our 4 week trip of traveling to do shows we decided to make today a scenic route day. We don’t have to be in Atlanta until Thursday around 10am. So we thought we would enjoy stopping at thrift stores and antique shops only found on back roads. Early in our day while in Tennessee following their fine back roads we came upon a curve in the road that read “Low Clearance 10 ½ ft” Gypzie happens to be a tad bit tall topping out at 11’. Fortunately we found a shortened area to pull into just prior to the low clearance. After numerous times of backing and pulling up, coming close to ditches and the creek, me trying to stop and direct speeding traffic, we finally succeeded at getting our almost 40 feet turned around. Thank goodness Donnie can back that trailer. Key thought for the day, always remember what you are lugging behind you takes more space than you think!

Once we got back on our journey we were able to ventured through several nice shops. I found some nice sellable items for my upcoming shows. A lamp, some vintage hats, and glassware. I think my favorite strip of antique shops I have found so far were in Sweetwater Tennessee. This is one of my favorite areas to visit.

After a quick jaunt back onto the interstate we learned we had back tracked instead of moving forward. We did finally cross into what my husband refers to as heaven, the pearly gates of Georgia.

This evening we found a great KOA that gave Courtney the opportunity to swing and play. I told my husband that I would gladly reverse rolls with him and play house wife through the week and even managed to cook him dinner. That in itself was a miracle because since adding Gypzie to our business and shows he has taken over all the cooking on the road.

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  1. I love reading this and had to LOL at the low bridge turn around with a trailer in tow-Been there-done that turn around thing in tight places but never in traffic :-) Glad it worked out-Happy Trails and good sales-Carla