Monday, January 17, 2011

Mt. Dora Florida

I know most people have a bucket list of sorts as do I. Although mine is a list of antique shows I want to do, this past weekend I got to mark one of the off my list. Renninger's Mt. Dora Florida Extravaganza. To sum it up, the weather was wonderful, the Renninger's staff was probably the best show staff I have ever worked with, every dealer was friendly. Sales were good despite the regulars complaining about the little traffic. However, if the opportunity will present itself I will definately be back.

I know it was two if not three times larger than the show I do in Springfield, Ohio. There were people there from just about every state and several countries. I sold items to people from England, France, Spain, Brazil, China, and Australia to name a few.

My biggest complaint was our site location. This was due to a lack of knowledge about the layout of the land etc from never being there before. Our setup required us to be on a very sloped hill side. I felt like the crooked lady in the crooked house all weekend. Every ounce of my body hurt before the weekend was over.

My sales girl loved doing an outdoor show. She got to spend lots of time working the booth. "Hello, may I help you" is the line she has perfected. She constantly was "scrubbing" the showcases as the dust at this show was pretty bad. She also enjoyed modeling the jewelry for people.

I did see lots of fabulous and historical items. The beauty of this show was anything you could imagine was there, but you could find it in about any price range. The most popular thing I seemed to sell was what I like to call river glass. Its the colored glassware found in the area where I come from. They draw to crackle glass like ants down there. I had been having trouble selling it here lately so I was simply amazed at the buyers for it. Second I would say cutter quilts and items with real fur on them. I found that really odd to be in 70+degree weather selling items with mink on them. I picture that being more of a northern seller, I guess I shouldn't try to figure out what or why people buy what they do.

I have noticed not only in Mt. Dora but also along the way in Florida that there is alot of Royal Doulton for sale in Florida. I don't know how well it sells down there but there is alot of it in inventory.

To have had such a great weekend with my family I have never been so happy to return to flat land. This week is going to be all about Courtney till we get to our next show on Friday. We are going to take her to see the beach. Walk the streets of Savannah, and then head to our next show Pride of Dixie in Norcross, Georgia. Never having been there I look forward to doing this show as well.

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