Saturday, September 4, 2010

Stewarts Show in Louisville...

We are half way through the weekend, and boy has it been wild. We haven’t done a show in almost 3 months and the girl shows it. She has been almost impossible at times, but thanks to Gypzie Roadz & Donnie we have been able to keep her in the stroller, well fed, watching TV, playing in the water hose, taking naps, etc.

This weekend has been a little off from the norm but it has been a fairly decent weekend for me. My best sellers have been vintage clothing & accessories, jewelry, & sterling flatware/hollowware. I’ve sold some glassware but it has been very slow.

I’ve talked to a lot of different dealers and they seem to be moving smaller items in the $10 to $35 price range better than anything. There are a lot of beautiful things here this weekend and wonderful bargains to be found.

There is something here for absolutely everyone. With the flea market side offering everything from iphone accessories to groceries, and the antique end offering everything old.

Lets hope for the weekend to continue towards success!

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