Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Let's get this Show on the Road!!

Today is the official start of our show season. We are on the road headed to the “Ville” as my son Tanner calls it. And to start it off with a bang we purchased an RV from some friends of ours. I spend so much time in a vehicle its more like an old friend so I always name them to make them a little more personal. So I would love to introduce to you “Gypzie Roadz”.

We have kept with the vintage theme for our travels. She is a 1984 Travel Craft Leisure Craft. She has updates such as new flooring, wall papers, upholstery, engine, etc. But she still has some of her original charm with her dark paneled cabinets and don’t forget the original 8-track (which Sirius works fine with). Courtney seems to really be enjoying it. She is seated at the table in her car seat strapped in with a seat belt. She loves all the coloring and play space. (Although within 15 minutes she was out like a light). We hope for this to add more adventure to our travels as well as even more quality family time during our evenings.

This has been a wild week. Unpacking, repacking, unloading, loading.
Trying to get everything ready. This is the first show we’ve done since Springfield in May so we are stir crazy. And with all that I’ve managed to buy over the last few months I didn’t have room to bring it all. We started Monday morning and worked well in to wee hours of this morning (Wednesday). I managed to launder and iron linens, hankies, etc. Clean glassware, polish silver, price, and freshen up the entire show. We will go like mad till December. And then take a 3 week break to jump right back into a busy winter and spring show season. So come with us to Louisville for the Kentucky Flea Market and Antiques Wing run by Stewart Promotions. We hope to share photos and stories from Freedom Hall this week. As well as a few personal stories from Gypzie, Donnie, Courtney, and tid-bits of useless information!

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