Saturday, January 26, 2013

The most unusual pick...

I was thinking with our first sale coming up in less than a week, that I need to do something to get you guys moving.

I'm asking you to send me your most unusual pick story. Now I don't want I found a Tiffany vase for 10cents and that's it. I want a story of how hard it was to get. It's not about the best buy sometimes its the hard work to get it. It could even be about one of our sales.

Donnie and I will pick our 3 favorites and those 3 winners will each get a $10 gift certificate good in the store or at any of our estate sales.

I don't have to post names with stories if you don't want them given out. You can post you story to this blog in the comment section, email me at , or text to 606.922.3194. Cut off for stories is 6pm Monday and the winners will be posted Wednesday. Ill contact the winners wednesday as well as post their stories.

I know it's cold with not much to do so I hope to get some great responses!

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