Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Most unusual pick winner #1

Thanks to everyone who submitted their most unusual picks! I had 3 winners. All of the stories are rather lengthy so I am posting one a week for the next three weeks. All of my winners wish to remain anonymous. I hope you enjoy their stories as much as we did!

Several years back, I found an estate auction listed on the internet in Ohio.
Lots of old paper, and Victorian trade cards etc, were being sold, which I LOVE!
I decided to check it out by myself.
I arrived to find a HUGE tent set up in the back yard, with tables on the outside, and chairs in the middle.
I started to look around, and found that all the wonderful old paper was packaged individually,
every single item had been gone through, there were no box lots of any kind.
The auction started, and I soon found out I was not the only one that LOVED old Paper!
Every piece, including the Scrap albums were going extremely high.
I would bid as high as I thought I could and make money on resale,
but I was continually outbid to my dismay. and sadness,
thinking this wonderful old paper was slipping through my fingers.
Then the auction helpers pulled out a tall rectangular box.
All you could see was what looked like old paper mache sticking out the top.
Perhaps a craft box of items???
The auctioneer tried to sell the box, to no avail, then tried to get a dollar bid on it,
I was just about to bid, a dollar, when he stopped, and went to another item,
the helper pulled the box aside.
He went back to selling the array of paper spread out across the tables.
Restless by now, I got up to look over the paper again,
trying to decide how high I would go on pieces, when I pulled the box over
that had been laid aside, and out of curiosity started to look inside.
The helper asked me if I wanted him to run it though again,
and I said yes, thinking maybe at least I could buy something!
Well as auctions go, this time the box went for $7.00,
since I had decided I wanted it, but I was the winner.
I pulled the box over to my chair, and set it by my other items
that I had won earlier, old kitchen items, and other non-paper items and started to look inside.
I pulled the old loose paper mache aside, and peered down inside.
I discovered more paper mache, but it was unused, and wrapped in it's original wrapper,
which was covered in wonderful Art Nouveau artwork!
WHAT!? Could this be turn of the Century piece's in it's original packaging?
I peered further inside, and discovered a lot of old pictures, but still many items in the deep narrow box bottom
that I was unable to see without dragging it all out.
I then pulled out something rolled up, and proceeded to unroll it.
I could not believe my eyes!
Could it be? Could it really be!? There is just no way it was real!
I quickly put the old paper mache inside the box, and carried the box to my truck and locked it inside......
Shortly, I proceeded to the checkout, after spending my limit for the day, then after several trips,
had all my treasures packed up and ready for the long drive home, eagerly anticipating getting home
and sorting through my treasures, and researching my possible amazing find.

I've thought over the years, that someone diffidently made a mistake.
Every item at this auction was laid out individually, and all the paper was gone through.
How in the world was this boxed missed and not gone through?
I still shake my head at this amazing find, and at my luck for just going for it and winning it.

And now for the treasures inside.......
The many unopened packages of paper mache did indeed turn out to be from the turn of the century.
And due to the amazing Art Nouveau graphics, and original packaging,
it did amazingly well on the internet.
All the many old photo's were wonderful, and sold them here and there.
There was one that was particularity special,
An early Century Portrait Photograph of a Pit Bull Dog Breed with a Black Spike Collar.
I was amazed the bidding ended on my eBay auction for well over $400!
I later saw the photo and ending amount listed on an internet site for antique dog collectibles,
they couldn't believe it either!
The box also contained many turn of the century Edwardian lace making, soft cover books,
that I sold online, with many going for $35 to $50, and more apiece!
There were also early ladies magazines, which I love to go through, and sold for different amounts!

Now.... for the rolled up paper I found.
I spent many weeks and hours researching it. I just couldn't believe that it might be real.
After much research I listed it, and still was not sure of my findings, as
there were so many copies made of these over the years.
I listed it as a possible original, with the research I'd found about it, at a starting bid of $9.99 without a reserve,
and set back for the ride, and What A Ride it was!
You see it did turn out to be an original!
A rolled up, uncut, and never framed, Hand Colored Crayon Lithograph,
by Currier & Ives from 1872, titled
The Rocky Mountains, (the one with Buffalo's).
The ending bid was over $1600!!!!!!

So the unwanted $1.00 box, that ended up costing me $7.00,
turned out to be "one of my" greatest and unusual finds ever!
I ended up selling the contents for well over $3500 in the end.
It keeps your hopes alive that there are still treasure out there to be found!

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