Monday, August 20, 2012

My most asked question...

You probably would think my most asked question has something to do with buying and selling antiques. I hate to say its not. My most FAQ is "who is Reggie?". And mind you I'm asked at least 5 times a week.

Now a lot of people think that Reggie is my name. I even setup at a show next to a lady and after six years I cannot convince her my name is not Reggie. It's become a guessing game among my kids and friends as to how well someone actually knows me. If they call the store asking for Reggie and refer to me as that short girl, which the boys love. That means they only know me on a buying/selling basis. When people see me out and call me that I answer as if it's been my name all of life. I like to think it gives me some anonymity. Even JB gets the occasional little Reggie referral.

However, Reggie was a real person even though it is not Donnie, my kids, or me. He was my grandfather who I never knew except from my grandmother's stories and photos. I simply named the store after him because he said his name was not important enough to remember. He was NOT an antique dealer. He hated antiques, worked as an attorney, was an avid golfer, and loved Reds baseball. My grandmother loved the name of the store and his friends had a good chuckle at his expense. My grandfather was the type to not let anyone get anything over on him and I guess I was able to. There is no great reason why I named my store after him.

If you are ever in the store you will see a picture of him that has hung on the wall to let him a oversee us.

I guess after 15 years the name has become a part of who I am, who my kids are or will be, and yes even a part of Donnie. So in a way we are a little bit of "Reggie". Just call and one of us will answer.

So now that that question has been answered what question would you like to ask and can I blog about it??

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