Wednesday, August 1, 2012

10 Years of the Route 60 Sale...

For the last 10 years people have been setting up and shopping the Route 60 yard sale. This year is expected to be bigger and better than ever. From antiques to school clothes there is something for everyone along this 40 mile stretch.

While I want everyone to have fun please keep safety in mind. Hold on to your children, pay attention to traffic, please STOP-and-SHOP don't shop while you drive. Be courteous to others and don't push that annoying relative into oncoming traffic.

This year is a first for us we will setting up along side the road. I've shopped it for years so I'm going to try to do both. We hope to see a lot of you out and about!

Please share your finds we would love to know what everyones buy of the week is! Now go out make some money and find a bargain.

Remember it starts Friday and goes through Sunday (but I bet you'd find people out there earlier). It will run from Boyd County thru Rowan County.

1 comment:

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