Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Where are the 50 hour days? VENTING TIME!!!

The last few weeks have almost been unbearable and unbelievable and there is no end in sight. This week will be the third of five estate sales in a row. Between estate family members suing each other, one of my main workers being sick and not being able to work, the daily triple digit heat indexes while digging out attics and garages, one of my A/C units going out at home, my toddler wants to potty train….and did I mention in the middle of these escapades that my warehouse was broken into and I lost $8K to $10K worth of merchandise, equipment, and scrap metal.

While being thrown into the middle of other families problems and drama I keep telling myself, “I love my job?”

Oh and what about my shows I have to pack, repack, repair two flat tired trailers, price, clean glassware, fix furniture, iron & launder linens/vintage clothing, pack my own personal bags. And did I mention “I love my job?”

Then I have the mall and little issues there such as buying stolen merchandise, shop lifters, A/C is not cool enough, vendors fussing at each other and my checking account being compromised due to internet fraud.

At home I still can’t get comfy in my own bed because I haven’t had time to have my A/C fixed upstairs. My son was admitted to the hospital with salmonella poisoning on his return trip from Texas. Band camp started for my other son which means several additional trips each day. I’ve been short my main man at work due to the fact he had to stay with my son at the hospital. “Because this is my business” as he keeps reminding me. But I laugh and remind him it takes two to tango. But remember, “I love my job.”

As of today, Tuesday, we are back on schedule. This weeks’ sale is ready and we start the cleaning and setup of next weeks’ sale tomorrow. I keep telling myself that tomorrow will be a better day as he tells me the dishwasher just went south.

But I do love my job. My husband and I laugh together as I submit this weeks’ blog. Because, you have to laugh to keep from crying. We have faith that we will make it, enjoy our time together and still get the job done. Did I mention….”I LOVE MY JOB!”

Check out next weeks blog, “What’s That?” inspired by my two year old.

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