Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What's This???

My daughter will be 3 in November and right now is in the most curious stage of her life. It feels like a million times a day I hear “What’s this?” So I thought this week I would have a little fun with my readers and see if they can identify a few items. Even if you don’t know, just take a guess. I’m curious what kind of creative minds I have attracted.
(I will give a few clues)

1. This first item I sell at almost all of the antique shows. But it seems to strike the most conversation between me and customers. I am probably asked at least 10 times during a show weekend. “What is that?”

2.This very small item is made of Ivory and is quite old. *Note the top and bottom unscrew.*

3. This is made of brass and is the one thing you will take with you when you go.

4. This is small chest of many drawers.

5.This item can be constructed of various materials. This particular one is sterling silver and comes in three pieces. This measures 10” l x 5 ½” h x 7”w.

Now its your turn to answer. “What’s this?” (I’ll post the answers in a few days.)


  1. 1. bowl
    2. perfume bottle
    3. dipolma holder
    4. tool box
    5. something you would use to celebrate easter?

  2. Ah, I am not good at guessing games but I will try!
    1. A candle holder or salt cup?
    2. An incense or oil holder?
    3. A holder for birth or death certificate?
    4. A chest for printing letter plates or presses?
    5. A butter dish?

    I am sure I am way off base but it was fun trying to figure them out. :-)

  3. I think the first is a salt, the second one is for poison, the third is a time capsule, the fourth is a dental cabinet to travel , the fifth is a jewelry box. Just a guess but it's fun to try! Hope you do this again!

  4. How about a salt, a place to hide notes, important document storage, Salesman chest, and a butter dish. How good am I??

  5. where are the answers-
    1-salt sellers
    2-incense burner
    3-time capsel
    4-art desk for paper and prints
    5-storage for a LARGE Fabrege egg??-