Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Florida 2014...

This blog post is just some of the pictures I took of my girl while working across Florida.  She is loving the business. Even though she may not become a dealer, I'm letting her enjoy it while she wants to.

My girl is growing up so fast.  She's finally 6 going on 26.  She is not and never has been typical for her age.  Most kids her age don't even begin to understand what I do.  She loves to ask me when we are out shopping is this an item to keep, take to show, or sell on eBay?  She likes to talk profits, it does make learning addition easier.  Her vocabulary consists of words such as auction, eBay, estate sale, antiques, and so on.  These words she understands and she talks about a lot.  So how do I get her to understand that the spelling lists are as important as those words?  

She is the best little helper.  She unloads, sets tables, puts table covers on, works on the display, etc.  Yes, you will think I am crazy but I am now allowing her pack and unpack all glassware, after 6 shows we only had one decapitated Hummel.  

             We sell lots of linens.  I don't let her iron but she loves to organize the hankies, pillowcases, tablecloths, etc and lay them flat on the ironing board for me.  We make a great team.  (So she says)

At Mt. Dora she got a dealers' wrist band so I was informed she is now a "dealer".  So I decided I would give her her own table.   She now sells $1 jewelry. (The picture of her hand is not in her jewelry she may sell cheap but she likes the more expensive rhinestones and she is I learning fine jewelry as well). Her pitch "May I help you?  Can I show you something to buy from me."  We have to work on it.

Beware future boyfriends she wants this for her engagement ring.  

She even had her size customers.  

Every great person has their trusty side kick.  

Modeling bling.

This was the first year we had to balance school, work, and play.  She did well.  Our days started at 6am so we could be done by noon and off to shop for inventory and sometimes for extra incentive a few hours playing  on the beach or a great playground.  

Sometimes we find pieces for  people back home and she is the perfect model for display and to show size. 

This apple did not fall far from the tree.  She saw this window and asked her daddy "can you make this fit in my room?"  My mom would be so proud. 


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