Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Something alittle bit different...

I am always looking for something a little bit different to sell that will at least make people stop and take notice of my booth.  I recently I sold perhaps one of the most unusal finds I've had in years.  I almost wish I had had a nanny cam on people as they would walk by it.  Some would try to guess what it was and when they would read the tag they would jump back, gasp, laugh, grab a friend, and snap a photo etc.  I can safely say that there have been over a hundred photos taken of this one item. 

This item is exactly what you think it is.  This is a 19th century chastity belt.  Constructed only of metal.  This was completely hand made.  The only thing not original are the rings they were added to help keep it closed.  This one had double locks.  Some would only have a single lock.  My most asked question was where did I find such an item.  Well, for my Ashland, KY followers, yes this was found in a house in our little town.  A man walked into my shop with this and said he found it while cleaning out the attic of a home that was being torn down. I've had several experts look at it and tell me they believed it dated to around the mid 1800's and possbily could have been used during the civil war.  One interesting bit of information I learned about these was alot of women elected to wear these for their own protection during the civil war.  For something most people feel was only a fantasy type of item, it was to me a fascinating piece of history to own and was kind of bitter sweet to see it go.  But that it what I do and now on to find something else a little bit different.

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