Friday, August 5, 2011

Courtney's Farm....

As many of you may know we have been working very hard on an upcoming estate sale.  We've been referring to it strictly as "the farm".  I have liquidated several farms over the years but this one has been one of my favorites.  There have been so many finds, with digging out the barn, an old one room school house, crib, chicken house, garage, and don't forget the house itself.  Not only is it challenging digging out all of these different places, we threw in an added bonus...Courtney.  She has cleaned, polished, taped, dug, rode in the Polaris Ranger, right in stride with us all of the way.  When she wasn't helping she was digging holes in the backyard (please watch your step), swatting flies, and just loving the farm life. 

Most people mark special memories of their child's "firsts" in their baby book.  In Courtney's I have added for August 2nd she cleaned out her first barn.  What an experience that was.  Donnie was lowering everything down with a rope with no pulley system, while Courtney and I would catch and untie them. 

She had her hands on every piece.  She attempted to carry everything.  When it came to digging out stalls she was the first through the doors.  If I didn't know better I would say she loves this old stuff more than I do. 

When she wasn't working we watched her carry a song book around and sing.  And sometimes she would attempt to play the Gibson Guitar or Mandolin, but luckily we would stop her before she began making music as she would put it.  Or she would have a rockstar moment, crank up the radio and really get into the music. 

Everytime I attempted to photograph an item or a room she felt a need to pose.  I had the hardest time getting all of the photos with her around.  If nothing else she would stick her hand or foot in the pictures. It was almost like Alfed Hitchcock who had to always have his shadow pictured somewhere. 

 One afternoon we had a scare, she had vanished.  But we found her sound asleep in the iron bed. She loved being in that room with the dolls.  If you find items with tags that aren't exactly legible then they are probably her tags.  Shes perfecting writing her letter "A" as she helps me price. 

(She's even priced my camera)

Yes, she is a sweet heart, we love her dearly, but she won't be at this sale. 

I have many pictures to post of this sale and I will hopefully have them loaded here on the blog by Monday. 

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