Thursday, June 2, 2011

Things don't always run smoothly...

When we bought Gypzie Roadz we knew that with her age there would always something to work on. We knew break downs would happen because we’d had flat tires with other vehicles and been sitting on the side of the road before.

We had had a successful show at Louisville over Memorial Day weekend. We managed to get torn down and out of the show in record time and were on the road by 6 pm headed home. I had just fixed Courtney dinner and I noticed Donnie was pulling off the road. Donnie had felt something hit is foot and wasn‘t sure what it was. After getting out and assessing the situation he first thought the radiator hose had blown because it was so miserable hot outside. After standing in the heat letting everything try to cool down he determined one of the belts had broken. Thank goodness the previous owner had forsight and there were spares in storage.

The problem was the heat. Poor Donnie was trying to work on a vehicle while I sat inside the RV trying to make a 3 year old happy. She was hot, tired, and cranky and Donnie too was hot, tired, and upset leaving me to be a positive-Pollyanna which wasn’t an easy task. Coloring and singing didn’t last long. And trying to help Donnie was not a good idea either. All I knew to do was sit and pray that it got fixed and fast.

Can you imagine being broken down on Interstate 64 still inside Louisville Metro for over an hour and a half on Memorial Day and not one state or local law enforcement agency car passed by. Not that we needed anything, but I was amazed. I guess there were no speed traps designated for this area.

Belts finally on, now we needed antifreeze for topping off the radiator from where it has overheated and blown out.  We were lucky to have an RV that we could pull water from to top off the cooling system.

Finally, we did manage to get it back on the road and get home safely to where we have only one week to complete three weeks worth of work so we can finally have time to enjoy a vacation.

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